MaixPy #13 : Maixduino Speech Recognition | Firmware Update Part 3

In this final tutorial, I will show how we can make the necessary steps to activate the speech recognition function on the Maixduino and upload the build to the board.

What Will We Need

  • PC with Win 10 with WSL

Maxiduino Firmware Editor Configuration

Here we gooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

Activate Speech Recognizer Function

  1. Start the WSL Linux terminal as Administrator and make sure the Linux Subsystem is fully updated (see previous series part 1:    link  )
  2. Go to the build directory
  3. Enter the editor
  4. Follow the screenshots and press enter to activate the speech recognizer function
  5. [ESC] a bunch of times and then Save the configuration

Make the build

  1. After we activate the Speech Recognizer function and save the configuration, we have to make the build (*.bin file that can be uploaded to the Maixduino Board via Kflash tool). Depending on the machine that you have, the firmware build my take a while.
  2. The build that was made is stored in the [build] directory –> Go there–> see the commands below.
  3. Now we have to make the connection between Linux and Windows operating systems. With a simple command [explorer.exe .], we access the section were the build is on the windows operating system (remember, WSL is a windows 10 Linux Subsystem). Copy the *.bin file to another directory on the Windows filesystem and remember were.

Upload the new Firmware to the Maixduino Board

Open the Kflash tool and upload the new firmware. You can find here more help: First steps

All done, now we can start playing with the Speech Recognition funtion using MaixPy IDE.

Maixduino Experiment Materials