MaixPy #12 : Maixduino Speech Recognition | Firmware Update Part 2

In this tutorial I am going to continue with the installation of the software necessary for the MaixDuino firmware change on the linux terminal. We will, hopefully, be successful in the end.

What Will We Need

  • PC with Win 10 with WSL installed
  • A lot of patience

Maixduino WSL Linux Steps

If you want to give it a try and don’t want to follow my steps, you can follow the ones on the sipeed official page here: here: 

If not, here we go:

Install dependencies

  1. Start the WSL Linux terminal as Administrator and make sure the Linux Subsystem is fully updated (see previous series part 1:
  2. Type [Y] to continue
  3. Go/Stay on the root directory [cd ~]

Get source code

  1. Clone by https link
  2. Go inside MaixPy directory [cd ./maixpy]

Get submodules

  1. Make sure you are in the MaixPy directory, ignore errors.
  2. Still inside maixpy directory, check/install libraries. All ok –> continue

Download Kendryte Toolchain

  1. Still inside MaixPy directory, get the Kendryte Toolchain
  2. Copy the Toolchain file to the /opt directory and go there and check the file that has been transfered
  3. Extract the file (Kendryte Toolchain.tar.xz) to the /opt directory

Maxiduino Firmware Editor Preparations

  1. Go to the build directory
  2. And make some configurations
  3.  And clean some stuff


Running the Maxiduino Firmware Editor

If you are still here, these are the last steps before entering the editor. When we type [python3 menuconfig], there should be no errors. If there is an error, we have to install one more module. It is called [kconfiglib].

  1. Try to enter the editor, if ok it will open the window
  2. If by any change you have an error, we need to install the module and then enter the editor.


In the third part of this series, we are going to activate the Speech Recognition function on the firmware editor that will allow us to make a new Maixduino build.